Peters Bridge - at close quarters
  • 06 09 2017

Peters Bridge - at close quarters

Source: Steve Loader

A new bridge to Peters Village from the west bank of the River Medway was always seen as essential to the scheme, by shortening east-west access over the river and opening up rail links at Snodland and Halling to those living on the east bank.

The crossing is accessed from the west bank's A228 via a new roundabout north of Snodland and south of Halling village, and the route includes a separated cycle track and footpath.

The bridge design was created after discussions with the Highway Authority, Network Rail, and the relevant river navigation authorities. It's sister bridge over the neighbouring Strood to Paddock Wood railway line, stands five metres above track level to meet Network Rail's safety requirements.

Peters Bridge itself is approximately 11 metres above the river for navigational purposes, and the bridge piers are able to withstand the potential impact of 825-tonne vessels still eligible to use this stretch of the Medway.

The crossing has also been designed to ensure that it will not reduce the storage capacity of the river or make flooding more likely further downstream. 

The alignment of the crossing has also been influenced by the surrounding environment, the need to meet highway design standards, and to encourage new residents to access the new village from the A228 rather than often narrow minor roads on the east bank.