Ferry Lane flood protection works
  • 31 08 2017

Ferry Lane flood protection works

Final infrastructure works for Peters Village included improvements to flood defences in Ferry Lane, Wouldham.

The work was funded by the project's developer Trenport Investments Ltd and the company’s Director Chris Hall explained:

“There was existing flood protection at this point, but the Government’s Environment Agency asked for this upgrade to be made part of Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council’s planning consent for offsite works associated with Peters Village.

“It involved a small section of flood defence between Ferry Lane and land west of Trafalgar Road in Wouldham, and brought further protection to the few properties in Ferry Lane considered slightly at risk from flooding. 

“Existing riverside levels were raised slightly and the length extended with concrete walls and other barrier work.”

Kent Groundworks and Demolition Ltd carried out the project for Trenport, and completed the work in mid-March.