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Latest News - 15 January


Trenport is aware of complaints by a few local residents about noise and vibration from piling work in connection with the new Medway crossing.

Unfortunately, this work is unavoidable because a bridge is expected to support considerable weight and must be founded on hard strata. In this particular case, the river bank walls bearing the approach roads must also be stabilised by sheet piling.

Some piling started in October with no complaints received. We then began a larger operation on the west bank river wall on December 3 and received our first complaint five days later, plus contact from Wouldham Parish Council, asking for explanation and advice on how long this phase would last.

Since the Peters Village project construction works commenced in June last year, our site contractor, Bam Nuttall has been working with an environmental protection team from Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council (TMBC) who continually assess and monitor the works.

The current status is: all sheet piling on the west bank is now finished and we have completed around 150 metres of a 600-metre total on the east, progressing away from Wouldham village itself and any potential nuisance there.

We will also shortly start sinking tubular piling needed to frame coffer dams - effectively two boxes within the River Medway - to enable us to build the two bridge supports. This type of piling will be less invasive and all piling should be completed by the end of April.

The piling works undertaken by our contractor Bam Nuttall - a company well known for environmental awareness and 'good neighbourliness' - falls well within British statutory noise and vibration limits.

Furthermore, test locations have been sited strategically around Wouldham and will continue to be rotated to ensure that we don't miss any 'pockets' that may be suffering anywhere near the agreed limits.

We will continue to monitor this operation, but hope people recognise that some disturbance is inevitable in bringing the long term communications benefits of this new bridge.


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Peters Village

After several years of planning and public consultation, Trenport achieved planning approval in May 2006 for a new village near Wouldham in Kent, and a new bridge across the River Medway. Trenport is committed to ensuring that the new project is a model of sustainable development.

This means providing, amongst other things, community facilities that reduce the need for journeys by car by providing a high quality environment for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians and improved bus services.

The Local Plan

The site has been identified since the mid 1990's as suitable for residential development. It is allocated as such within Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council's Local Plan. It is also identified for residential development within Kent County Council's Structure Plan.

The planning process

The submission of the planning applications for the village and the bridge followed a long period of study of the site and surrounding area. The study looked at environmental issues such as ecology, landscape, transport and land contamination. Outline planning approval for the construction of a new village of 1,000 residential units was granted by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council. Detailed planning permission was required for the new bridge, and it was granted jointly by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council and Medway Council in May 2006, as the new bridge crosses the boundaries of the two local authorities.   Master Plan

A sustainable development

The village is illustrated on the master plan above. The net area of development is approximately 35.05 hectares (86.61 acres) of which 11.1 hectares (27.3 acres) is set aside as public open space. The new village will include:-
  • Regrading of the site with four development areas: one alongside the river (old Peters Works site), and three within the former quarry. Acceptable gradients will be created and the site will be protected from flooding.
  • 1,000 homes of varying sizes and tenures, including affordable housing for local people.
  • Development within the village centre next to the river will include buildings to a maximum of 4/5 storeys high. Those on the lower platform in the quarry and along Hall Road will be 2/ 2 � storeys high with the occasional 'landmark' building at 3/4 storeys. Those on the middle and upper quarry platforms will be up to 2 � storeys high.
  • New primary school
  • Local centre next to the river including: community centre, police post, medical centre, ambulance post, shop, public house and employment units.
  • New areas of open space and playing fields.
  • A new riverside walk
  • Protection and management of the Peters Pit nature reserve.
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